Tuesday, January 27, 2015

“Professor Shocked, Shocked To Find Out Prominent Nazi Was An Anti-Semite”

“Professor Shocked, Shocked To Find Out Prominent Nazi Was An Anti-Semite”: "The reason why this is all so painfully awkward is that it all fits in a well-preexisting narrative, which is this: Heidegger was the godfather of the school of historicism, sometimes known as relativism, which holds that all truth is socially constructed and historically determined, and that therefore we have no access to capital-T Truth. Obviously, this idea has had a tremendous impact, both on 20th century academic philosophy, and in more debased form in the broader culture. And obviously, a critique of this idea as long as it has existed has been that if relativism is true, then morality is false, and if morality is false then all manner of evil is permitted. Indeed, all manner of evil might be inevitable, since in the absence of a recognition of transcendent truth, the only remaining way to resolve disputes is violence, and the only criterion of decision power. Which makes it really really tempting to point to Heidegger’s very life as exhibit A for the prosecution of relativism. And which makes things, again, quite awkward for all those who would use relativism as the thin end of the wedge of a happy-peppy progressivism."

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Conspicuous Compassion - WSJ

Conspicuous Compassion - WSJ: "Dan Calabrese argues that it is not Green over whom Kristof wishes to assert his higher status: “Kristof needed to let us know all the failures in Kevin Green’s life because he wanted to tell us something about Nicholas Kristof, which is: Kevin Green made all these mistakes and lived all these failures, but Nicholas Kristof did not judge him, unlike all you horrible people. Nicholas Kristof is morally superior to you.”

It seems to us Calabrese doesn’t quite hit the target here, though he comes close. Kristof’s ideal reader is one who shares his sense of moral superiority. The message is more like: Nicholas Kristof did not judge him, unlike all those horrible people. You are morally superior to them."

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Friday, January 23, 2015

The ‘American Sniper’ Freakout | The Weekly Standard

The ‘American Sniper’ Freakout | The Weekly Standard: "But Kyle’s flaws don’t begin to explain the knee-jerk negative reaction to the film on the left, which goes far beyond the predictable political complaints. Academy voters have been circulating a much-derided New Republic article by a Penn State professor of international affairs who denounced the film in spite of his admission that he had seen only the trailer. The Washington Examiner also reports that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence had supporters venting about the film on its Facebook page. If Navy SEALs in combat zones can’t legitimately engage in gun violence, who can? 

Part of it is simply that the film portrays Kyle as a proud southern, rural, religious, patriotic jock and gun enthusiast who was much more anguished about the people he was unable to save in Iraq than about the 160 confirmed sniper kills that the Navy credits him with. All of these traits are anathema to the left, though nearly all of the great soldiers in American history possessed one or more of them. Leftists simply can’t digest the fact that their own safety is predicated on the willingness to fight of courageous men they openly disdain. "

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Video: The obligatory “Obama reminds the GOP he won” clip « Hot Air

Video: The obligatory “Obama reminds the GOP he won” clip « Hot Air: "The reason the media’s zeroed in on the “I won twice” zinger is, yes, because they enjoy watching the star quarterback from their hometown team spike the ball but mainly because it’s a rare colorful moment from the relentlessly dismal, programmatic State of the Union slog. The fact that O fired this ad lib off literally seconds after calling for more comity in politics feels like a goof on the scripted insincerity of the event. He and his team probably spent weeks reworking that passage about comity to get it just right and all it took for Obama to blow it up was some abortive hooting from the Republican gallery that wounded his pride. I hope lefties turn this into a Vine that gets 10 million views; the more popular it is, the more likely it is that the SOTU will gradually transform into a zingerfest by O’s successors, which would at least make the speech entertaining, or that it’ll be dropped entirely. Either outcome is better than what we have now."

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why 2015 is my year of 'cruel food' - Breitbart

Why 2015 is my year of 'cruel food' - Breitbart: "My colleague James Delingpole likes to say that the best fur is cruel, rare fur. The same law holds just as well for food. In fact, I feel confident he would agree with me that virtually all the most enjoyable experiences in life are based to some degree on annoying the right people, which is why hunting with hounds has experienced such a renaissance in popularity in recent years.

And little gets aloof city-dwellers, who know nothing of country life and imagine foxes to be sweet, dog-like companions rather than the odious, disease-carrying vermin they really are, like a bit of so-called “animal cruelty.” Newsflash, idiots: it’s a scary old world out there, and sometimes one animal eats another. Humans are not exempt from this natural order."

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Surprise: Obama to back tax hikes in State of the Union « Hot Air

Surprise: Obama to back tax hikes in State of the Union « Hot Air: "The president is also positioning himself vis a vis congressional Republicans when negotiations over tax code reform begin in earnest. Many of the above proposals will be nonstarters for the Republican-dominated 114th Congress, but the administration is banking on broad public support to help overcome that opposition. They may just get it. It will be incumbent on Republicans to make the case for why the White House’s tax increases without sufficiently comprehensive offset are counterproductive. For the last six years, the GOP has not done an effective job of communicating this to the public in a compelling manner."

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Okay, kids. Stay in school, don’t do drugs, don’t blow up your house, but make moonshine « Hot Air

Okay, kids. Stay in school, don’t do drugs, don’t blow up your house, but make moonshine « Hot Air: "Let’s face it, the danger of blowing up your still is real if you put it under cover in an unventilated area or allow the fumes too near open flames. But if you’re stupid enough to do that, one might argue that you had it coming. Alcohol has been legal in most places since the 21st Amendment was passed in 1933. It’s still prohibited to distill your own shine. But the moment we legalize pot people can start making hash oil? We’ve long known that the bootlegging laws have almost nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with making sure Uncle Sam collects his sin taxes. If we’re going to venture into this brave new world of marijuana we deserve a fresh look at the bootlegging laws."

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